Why Air Monitoring is Important Whilst Removing Asbestos

Asbestos was frequently used in hundreds of different products up until the mid-1980s. Some types of asbestos were still used in manufacturing friction products and gaskets up until 2003. While asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral with beneficial properties, it has been proven to be hazardous. Exposure to asbestos in large amounts can lead to several types of lung disease and illnesses, including lung cancer.

Asbestos Inspection
For homes or workplaces where asbestos is thought to be present, a full asbestos inspection from a professional service is necessary. A person who has experience identifying asbestos and has been properly trained in this area, like any of the staff at Asbestos Removals Australia, should be called to come and inspect the property. During the inspection, it will be determined which materials contain asbestos. The inspection may include taking samples from the material for analysis. The professional will also be able to determine whether or not removal is necessary. If the inspection finishes and asbestos needs to be removed a professional asbestos removal service can complete the whole process.

Air Monitoring While Removing Asbestos
There are several regulations that must be adhered to during every asbestos removal process. The area must be contained and signs must be put up stating that this type of work is underway. Anyone who lives or works in the area should be notified that the process is taking place as well. In addition, a decontamination station should be set up nearby in case of exposure.

During the process of cleaning the asbestos, air monitoring should be performed by the company performing the removal. Analysing the air samples is an important part of the removal process. The air should be tested before any work is started and at numerous times throughout the removal process. Once the project is completed an air test should be performed again. No one should be allowed back into the area that was contaminated until the air monitoring samples have been analysed and determined to be within the acceptable limits.

Asbestos removal is something that needs to be taken very seriously if you are a home or business owner. Exposure to asbestos can result in serious and very painful health complications many years down the line. Attempting to remove asbestos on your own is not recommended because the chances that you will do it correctly are slim. A professional, team like Asbestos Removals Australia, is trained in dealing with asbestos appropriately and will ensure that it is eliminated in the right way.