Asbestos and Carbon Nanotubes – Similarities in Danger

A recent study has shown that carbon nanotubes are just as dangerous as asbestos. Both materials can cause mesothelioma and cancer due to exposure and although not as well known, carbon nanotubes can have the same deadly effects.

The following is some more detailed information on carbon nanotubes and how dangerous they can be to your health.

Uses of carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes are renowned for their tensile strength and flexibility. The quality of the material makes it suitable for bulletproof clothing. The layer of carbon nanotubes can efficiently prevent most types of gun projectiles and blade weapons from piercing through clothing.

Carbon nanotubes are also great electrical conductors, making them suitable for use in many different industries. They are used in energy-efficient batteries, electronics, plastics, and other various products.

Why are carbon nanotube materials as dangerous as asbestos?

The danger of asbestos lies in its fibres. When an individual inhales these fibres, they can permeate the entire respiratory system. The microscopic fibres stay inside the body since it is too small to be broken down and removed from the system. The fibres slowly damage the surrounding cells at the DNA level. This can lead to mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases.

A recent study on carbon nanotube has shown the material has a similar shape to asbestos fibres. Researchers looked into what happens when a small portion of the nanotube material is introduced to an individual’s lungs. In theory, a small amount of the material can create a tissue which resembles a scar. An individual’s body will believe the carbon nanotube is a building material and not a health threat. Like asbestos, the nanotube material stays in the lung for a long time which leads to the development of a number of cancers.

Warning to researchers and manufacturers

Asbestos was the material of choice for many contractors in the past due to its unique properties. The problem was with the widespread usage without knowing how hazardous the material could be to a person’s health.

Today, carbon nanotubes are a common material due to its own numerous benefits. Research on the dangers of nanotubes was conducted to warn people of its danger to someone’s health. Studies are also being done to ensure the material can be beneficial to an individual without endangering them.

It is vital that the danger of carbon nanotubes is as widely known as asbestos. With scientists being made aware of the dangers posed by these nanotubes, they can manufacture different products using this material and comply with safety standards.

While we may be able to prevent the damage from nanotubes before it becomes a bigger issue, asbestos is still an ever-present problem in many Australian homes and offices. Keep your family and neighbours safe by calling Asbestos Removals Australia on 0406 426 144 to safely dispose of the dangerous materials from your home; We;re located near the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.