Unlikely places you’d expect to find Asbestos

Asbestos was a popular building material until it was banned in the 1980s due to its hazardous effects to an individual’s health. The material is often found in residential and commercial buildings built before the 1990’s. Asbestos’ tensile strength and resistance against heat made it a top choice for builders before the material’s dangers were known.

Manufacturers took advantage of the material’s various qualities and used it in several applications in buildings. This is why asbestos can be found in the most unlikely places. Below is a list of some to look out for.

Vintage speakers

Earlier speaker designs often contained parts which can produce tremendous amounts of heat, such as the vacuum tubes and tube chassis. Asbestos was used to insulate against the heat from the speaker’s exterior box. The material could also help control the vibrations within the speakers in order to prevent the sound from becoming muddy.

Acoustic panels

Asbestos is effective in lowering echoes and revers within a room. The type of asbestos used for acoustical panels were chrysotile or white asbestos due to its ability to resist sounds, with the material added to acoustical panels and installed in areas which generated large amounts of noise. This included recording studios, churches and theatre stages. Chrysotile was also used in some residential homes in order to provide a sound barrier between rooms.

Caulk sealant

Caulk is used to seal doors and windows to prevent heat coming in and the cold leaking out. The material has also been used for cracks, breaks and other openings. Before the ban, asbestos was added to caulks. The material was able to increase the durability of the sealant in order to prevent it from falling apart.

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl was a popular flooring choice in the 70s and 80s. This was due to the large variety of colours and designs available. Vinyl tiles are also durable and require less maintenance than other types of flooring. Of course, the popularity of asbestos and its durability and insulating properties ensured it was added to the flooring material. Apart from tiles, asbestos was also used on wallpaper and other vinyl products.

Heatproof cloth

Asbestos was praised for being able to create effective protection against flames and high temperatures. This is why the material was used in jackets and clothing worn by firefighters. It was also used in aprons and mitts used by factory workers who were often exposed to intense heat. Unlike many other common fabrics, asbestos-laced clothes were also durable and had a longer lifespan.

These are just some of the unusual places and objects to find asbestos. It is important to have them and any other areas checked for the material if you suspect it contains them.

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