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Professional asbestos testing, removal and disposal

Asbestos Removals Australia provide low-cost asbestos inspection, removal, disposal, demolition and testing for residential and commercial clients across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

Our team of certified, licensed asbestos removal professionals help our clients across South East Queensland with the identification and safe removal of bonded asbestos, friable asbestos and non-friable asbestos. Asbestos Removals Australia can also keep your worksite, home or office safe through our asbestos testing and sampling services.

Asbestos was a popular building material in Australia for both residential and commercial construction up until the 1980s. Asbestos containing materials were also in high demand for renovations, maintenance and repairs, until the Australian Government enforced a complete ban in 2003.

Asbestos materials contain fibres that can be released into the air, ground, or water, and asbestos can be found in a number of common construction materials, such as floor tiles, plaster patching or textured paint, cement sheeting and water drainage or pipes.

Asbestos materials pose a health risk to families, workforces and the community. Exposure to asbestos can lead to severe health risks, so there are strict legislations and codes of practice that apply for the way that asbestos is managed, removed and disposed of.

Our highly trained asbestos removal professionals at Asbestos Removal Australia are your trusted local team for safe and fast asbestos removal, keeping families and communities safe across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

Identifying Asbestos

Asbestos Sampling and Testing

Removing and Reconstructing

Identifying Asbestos

Identifying asbestos in the home or office

Many materials that contain asbestos do not appear out of the ordinary, as asbestos fibres can be microscopic and easily blend into building materials. If your home or office was built prior to 2003, or has undergone repairs or renovations prior to 2003, the building may require asbestos testing.

If you have identified asbestos in your home, shed or office, do not attempt to handle or remove it. The highly trained team at Asbestos Removals Australia performs asbestos testing in homes, offices and other buildings across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba, to ensure that you, your family or your team avoid risk of harmful asbestos exposure.

The asbestos experts from Asbestos Removals Australia will come to your home, office or building to assess the areas and material of concern. During this visit, we take a small sample of the asbestos material for testing. Our teams carefully manage asbestos removal under rigorous safety procedures, ensuring compliance with the Australian Government asbestos removal guidelines.

Asbestos Removals Australia works closely with COHLABS, an accredited laboratory which provides fibre identification and fibre counting services in both soils and synthetic minerals. We carry out laboratory tests to determine a positive sample, what type of asbestos is identified, and what steps we will take to remove it.

Asbestos Sampling and Testing

Asbestos Sampling and Testing

Asbestos Removals Australia aims to provide fast and accurate identification of asbestos containing materials, while ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients. If you believe you have found asbestos within your home or office, contact our team for fast sampling and testing of potential asbestos containing materials.

Our team of certified and licensed professionals are equipped with the latest in asbestos removal technology, and will take a small sample of the suspicious material whilst ensuring that no asbestos is disturbed. Only a highly trained professional should investigate areas of asbestos concern, to prevent the risk of asbestos potentially becoming airborne, or contaminating soil or water. We work closely with an accredited laboratory that provides asbestos fibre identification, synthetic mineral fibre counting and testing of asbestos in soils, ensuring that we are always confident with the quality of our asbestos test results.

For a complete, thorough and accurate asbestos testing service, contact our friendly team at Asbestos Removals Australia.

Removing and Reconstructing

Removing and Reconstructing

Asbestos Removals Australia not only provides fast and efficient removal of asbestos, we also specialise in reconstructing areas of affected property, both internal and external.

Once we conduct asbestos sampling and testing to determine what type of asbestos is present, we will provide a removal procedure outline that will detail the project timeline and safety measures. Unsafe and unlicensed asbestos removal and dumping not only poses a severe hazard to health, but can incur very large fines.

No matter the severity of decontamination, our team of expert contractors will ensure that asbestos removal is done quickly and efficiently, without damaging the surrounding architecture or land.

We thoroughly decontaminate and conduct quality assurance to ensure asbestos is completely removed from your property, and is securely transported to an asbestos waste disposal facility. Asbestos Removals Australia proudly services clients across South East Queensland, and we always adhere to strict legislation and guidelines for asbestos removal, and disposal of asbestos containing materials.

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Your experienced asbestos removal team

Here at Asbestos Removals Australia, our top priority is keeping you, your family and your workforce safe from asbestos. Our highly skilled team of asbestos removal experts are licensed to perform Class A asbestos removals, and provide end-to-end asbestos management and removal at competitive prices for our clients across Brisbane, Sunshine Coasts, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and other neighbouring South East Queensland areas.

From asbestos inspection, sampling and testing, to complete asbestos removal and safe disposal, the Asbestos Removals Australia team ensure your building is safe and asbestos-free. Our licensed team offer cost-effective asbestos removal services for scheduled or urgent jobs, taking the stress and risk out of the asbestos removal process.

Don’t waste time and money with expensive DIY asbestos test kits and risk putting you, your family or community in danger of asbestos exposure. Contact our team at Asbestos Removals Australia and enjoy peace of mind and safety as we carefully and quickly take care of the asbestos identification and removal for you.

Asbestos Removals Australia offer no-obligation quotes for asbestos removal and testing, however we are confident that you’ll find our prices are competitive and cost-effective for your needs. Whether you’re about to begin renovations or construction within your building, or have become aware of asbestos within your building, contact our team to ensure the job is completed quickly and safely by our fully licensed team.

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License to perform Class A asbestos removal
License to perform Class A asbestos removal
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Work place health & safety officers
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Occupational health & safety management
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Primary Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency
ARA quoted our work very fast and had it completed on time even though it was a last minute job.
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A refreshing experience dealing with Trent and the guys at ARA - from getting a quote through to getting the work done - everything was done efficiently and professionally. Would definitely recommend using them.
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The Best people to deal with with reasonable price!!! Just had my asbestos ceiling on my commercial building removed. Definitely recommended... i would use them myself again for other projects!!! Thank you Team ARA.
Ricky Ibrahim

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