PVC or vinyl flooring products and related products can often contain small amounts of asbestos, including around 5% of very fine chrysotile. Larger and often visible amounts of chrysotile can be found in black and brown thermoplastic tiles. Old sheet floor coverings were sometimes backed with a thin layer of chrysotile paper, as were some types of underfelt such as hessian underlays for linoleum and carpets.

Asbestos might also be found in the mastics used to bond the covering to the floor. Some hardwearing composite floors contain about 2 per cent of mineral fibres, which may include asbestos.

How can you ensure safe removal of asbestos?

The best way to make sure that asbestos tiles are removed without harming yourself or others is to speak to a professional. Each step ensures the safety of the individuals around, and incorrect removal can lead to asbestos breaking, making it more likely for deadly fibres to get into the air. Don’t put yourself at risk. If you are unsure about removing asbestos, call the experts in the industry and get your home in a safe condition.

ARA is a licensed, Queensland based company specialising in the removal of asbestos in Brisbane and surrounding areas. With safety and efficiency of utmost importance, you can rest assured asbestos floors will be removed property. We are fully insured, and are able to transport and remove asbestos waste for all our customers.

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We provide asbestos testing, roof removal and tile removal services, ensuring your property is rid of any dangerous asbestos. For more information or to discuss your options, contact our expert, James Moore on 0438 185 210. We will be more than happy to discuss the best options for your property.

Bonded Vinyl Floor Tiles

Removal procedure


Safety First

Safety First

Using a paint scraper or other wide blade, lift each tile away from the floor, using a gentle action to lessen the chance of breakage. A hammer may be of use to help lift stuck tiles.


Keep dust down by spraying water mist beneath the tiles as you lift them.


Put the tiles in a 200 µm plastic waste bag. An alternative is a dedicated container dedicated for asbestos waste that is clearly labelled with a warning.


Also remove any adhesive that is remains on the floor using the scraper or blade and put it in the same bag or container.


If heat is needed to soften the old adhesive beneath a vinyl tile, be sure avoid burning the tile.


Once all the tiles have been removed perform the appropriate cleaning, decontamination, waste removal and disposal procedures before area can be re-occupied by humans.

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