Typically, asbestos millboard is made up of 100% asbestos. To ensure safety, this type of asbestos removal work must be done using a full enclosure with negative air extraction units.

Friable Vinyl Sheet Floor Covering

Removal procedure


Safety First

Safety First

While the millboard is still attached to the floor, it should be wetted down as the vinyl layer is peeled away.


While the asbestos millboard needs to be dampened properly, do not wet it to the point where pools of contaminated water are formed.


If heat is needed to soften the old adhesive beneath a vinyl tile, be sure avoid burning the tile. Otherwise poisonous decomposition products can be produced.


To make removal easier, the vinyl can be cut into strips before bagging or can be rolled into single roll and wrapped and sealed with plastic.


If some of the asbestos millboard on the floor surface remains there, soak it with water and then scrape away.


If you are considering using other methods of removal for millboard, be wary of excessive fibre release from the asbestos millboard and other additional hazards.

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