Asbestos cement-based materials that were once commonly used as internal walls and ceiling linings contain around 15% asbestos fibres by weight. If possible, this kind of asbestos cement product should be removed unbroken. If you discover that such material has sustained damage while still in place, it can be reinforced by using duct tap

Soffits Fascia’s and Gables

Removal procedure


Safety First

Safety First

To catch debris and protect the ground, spread layered plastic and tape it around the perimeter. Prepare double layered plastic on which to stack your asbestos sheeting.


Remove all timber mouldings or asbestos mouldings that cover the asbestos sheets.


Using a hammer and chisel remove all fixing heads that are holding the sheeting in place and then remove the sheets.


De-nail all fixings using pinches or a hammer.


Using a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner, vacuum the wall and flooring areas where possible. If removal took place on grass or garden all debris must be removed.

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