Gaskets and rope seals are generally regarded as friable. Talk to a professional with asbestos knowledge and experience if you have any doubts.

Gaskets reinforced with asbestos are often found in old plant equipment – usually between the flanges of pipes – that has been subject to high pressures and/or temperatures. Asbestos rope was often utilised for sealing hatches on lagging pipes and valves.

Gaskets and Rope Seals

Removal procedure


Safety First

Safety First

Ensure equipment and plant and has been made safe – properly shutdown the equipment, empty the pipework and isolate the electrical supply.


Carefully take apart the equipment and use plastic sheeting to protect other components.


Using a fine water mist, dampen the asbestos as it becomes accessible.


Using a scraper, gently remove the gasket or rope seal and bin it in a waste container positioned directly beside/beneath the work area. Be sure to scrape away any residue and keep the area damp.


While scraping, it helps to also use an industrial vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter.