As per the previous Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2008 (WHS Regulation 2008), buildings that housed workplaces and which were built before January 1st 1990 had to keep an asbestos register.

Now, the stricter Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 requires an asbestos registers to be kept unless “the workplace is a building that was constructed after 31 December 2003; and no asbestos has been identified at the workplace; and no asbestos is likely to be present from time to time.”

To be sure that your employees are protected and your company is complying with the 2011 Regulation:

  1. Identify the locations of any and all asbestos-containing materials on your site.
  2. Maintain a register on the premises which includes date of assessment, location of asbestos, analysis, risk assessments, control measures, and details of competent person who undertook the assessment.
  3. Review the register of your building’s asbestos-containing materials at least every 5 years.

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