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What do I do if I find Asbestos in my house?

The method used for dealing with asbestos in your home by an asbestos removal service in Australia will depend on the asbestos found, the condition the material is in, and whether the asbestos is friable or not. Non-friable asbestos is tightly bound with another type of material and therefore, not easily released. This type has to be cut, sanded, or sawed to be released in the right way.

Friable asbestos is easily reduced to powder and can become airborne in a matter of seconds. If the material containing asbestos is in good shape and is contained in a way that fibres are not going to be released, it may not be dangerous, but it is still best to call a professional asbestos remover to check.

Asbestos Removals Australia uses the most up to date tools and technology available to decontaminate any asbestos found at home. It is important to contact a professional asbestos service such as asbestos removals Australia to deal with the removal of potentially hazardous asbestos. The health risks when exposed to asbestos are high and there may not be any symptoms of exposure for years. All professionals will tell you that it is not a good idea to try to take care of the problem yourself as you could potentially affect your own health.

Is there a way to treat Asbestos without removing it?

Some materials containing asbestos are not likely to release fibres into the air because they are bonded and in good shape. If this is the case, it may not be dangerous, but it is still best to call a professional asbestos remover to check. In any other case, the only permanent solution is to have the asbestos fully removed.

There are products available which serve to seal in the asbestos; however, this is by no means a long term solution and does not fully eliminate the issue in the same way as a removal. Additionally, these products often cost roughly a third of a full removal service, so you are scarcely saving money in comparison to a permanent solution. The asbestos needs to be fully removed by a professional in order to be considered secure.

Do I need to alert anyone if I’ve found it?

You may be legally required to notify your neighbors about your asbestos removal, depending on the situation. If you required approval to demolish your home or garage which contain asbestos, then you are obligated to notify your immediate neighbors prior to work commencing. This means your neighbors on either side, to the rear and across from your residence. If you are only removing a small amount of asbestos, you are not required to notify your neighbors; it is, however, encouraged as a courtesy. Airborne fibres can be released during the removal process, and although this poses little health risk to your neighbors, they may appreciate being notified so that they can, for example, close their windows or dry their clothes inside.

What is the process after identifying asbestos in my home?

The easiest and safest way to deal with asbestos once it has been identified is to leave it in the hands of the professionals. Call Asbestos Removals Australia on 1300 869 241, or get a free quote at Get a Quote and let us take care if it for you!

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