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Sunshine Coast

Of course, we cater for the Sunshine Coast! When it comes to asbestos management, we want you to be out there enjoying the sun and the beaches, not worrying about the harms of bonded and/ or friable asbestos removal at your home. Our friendly Sunshine Coast staff can happily teach you about the difference between bonded and friable asbestos, as well as offering our expert testing and removal services.

At Asbestos Removal Australia we know the importance of removing damaged asbestos material as safely as possible, to avoid any disturbing asbestos fibres. If this is not done properly and by a asbestos removals professional who knows exactly what they are doing this can lead to potentially fatal diseases.

If you suspect damaged asbestos in your house or want us to test it for you, feel free to contact us on 1300 854 642 or get a quote online.


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