Asbestos Removal Government Requirements in QLD

In order for asbestos to be removed properly, asbestos removal services should be utilised. In regard to asbestos removal in Queensland, there are certain government requirements that must be met with every removal. The company that is removing the asbestos from the site has to have a full asbestos removal license.  Each person that works for the licensed asbestos removal service will have to be trained according to the guidelines that have been put in place as well. Here, we will explore these requirements in more detail.

Requirements for Asbestos Removal QLD

In order to perform asbestos removal services in Queensland a person must go through the proper training. A copy of the asbestos register must be obtained, and a control plan must be created with every job. This plan must be readily accessible to the public. Everyone in the area where the asbestos removal is going to take place must be informed before work begins. Barricades and signs also have to be placed around the area and access to the work site will be limited.

During the asbestos removal process there must be access to decontamination facilities. Furthermore, during this time, air monitoring must be conducted. All the asbestos waste needs to be disposed of properly. In order to do this, five days before the removal process starts Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) must be notified.

Asbestos Related Work Requirements

Any work that involves asbestos must be managed. A PCBU ("person conducting a business or undertaking”) must assess the risks of the asbestos-related work and determine the risks to themselves as well as the others that will be working there.

Some projects may require this type of work even if it was originally believed that asbestos would not be an issue. Any demolition or refurbishment that is being done to a structure or building that was built before 2003 will need to comply with the requirements of WHSQ.

It is important not to try to remove asbestos alone. Hiring a professional service, like Asbestos Removals Australia, is required as a company must be licensed in order to complete this type of work. Working with asbestos is hazardous, especially if a person does not know all the risks. The training for the removal or other tasks related to asbestos is extremely necessary as there are many health risks for this type of work. It is important to follow the laws and guidelines that have been set up by the government of Queensland.