Make sure your employees are safe – check for asbestos

In doing business, success is usually defined by consistent sales and profit figures. The disposition of employees also plays a big role and this should always be given attention by management. One of the ways staff can feel taken care of is if they are informed of the ways health and safety is handled in the workplace. Asbestos is still prevalent in some offices today and you can do your part in making sure your employees are safe from being exposed to the material.

Dangers of asbestos

During the latter part of the 1980s, asbestos was permanently banned in Australia, but completely removing them from establishments entails complicated procedures. If not treated correctly, it can lead to respiratory diseases whose symptoms are not readily identifiable. In the workplace, the focus is usually more on the tasks at hand, so employees may not be aware of the fibres being inhaled on a daily basis.

Asbestos in the office

Asbestos was usually used as insulator for pipes and as a fire retardant mixture for concrete, making it harder to ascertain its presence in office spaces. If your operations are located in old buildings, there is a big chance of flooring, roofing, and ceiling having asbestos as well. Your employees are considered as valued assets in growing your business, so it’s up to you to ensure their health is safe from hazards like asbestos.

Professional expertise

The removal of asbestos in the workplace is a priority for upper management, but the job should be left in the hands of experts. There are special methods and techniques designed to make the removal process safe for everyone involved. Proper disposal is also essential, necessitating the need to adhere to government regulations. Professional removal services such as those provided by Asbestos Removals Australia are done with sophisticated equipment and technology. You can have your premises tested for the material and the air will be examined as well.

In the past, there have been cases of employees suing the company for failure to keep the office in good condition. Accidents can be directly connected to broken furniture or appliances but asbestos is a concern that can affect several people all at once. Before it even becomes an issue in the workplace, be sure to have your place tested for the presence of asbestos. You may request for a quote by completing the form online.