Our process for removing asbestos

Removing asbestos is a process that needs focus and dedication to procedural elements such as safety and adherence to government standards. Asbestos Removals Australia is committed to delivering quality service while ensuring health and safety for the residents and staff involved in the operation.


Before treatment commences, the air in each room of the house needs to be inspected. Special equipment is used to examine and determine if asbestos is already prevalent. Data is collected and this information will then be used in coming up with a strategy to completely remove all the asbestos, including the fibres in the air.

Removal Process

Professional staff are then scheduled to visit the house and spend a whole day removing the asbestos in floors, walls, ceilings and other areas needing treatment. Insulation in pipes and adhesives in flooring are to be broken down and gloves worn by the experts will be used to protect their hands and body from the fibres that will escape to the air.


After removing all materials containing asbestos, specially designed bags are brought in to transport them out for proper disposal. Brooms and rags are used to sweep off any traces of asbestos that may still linger after treatment. These cleaning tools are then to be thrown out as well, as using them can still lead to unwanted exposure.

The team then goes back to inspect all the rooms for one final check. If the records show that asbestos has been eradicated, then you can sign off to ensure process has been completed. There may be need to do follow-up checks, but this is determined by the agreement discussed with the homeowner.

Asbestos Removals Australia has been keeping Australian homes free from asbestos for years. You can count on their professional staff to ensure that your premises are safe from health risks while your items are cared for as well. Visit their site at www.asbestosremovalsaustralia.com.au today and learn more about the services they offer. We're located near the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.