Asbestos Removals Australia specialize in residential and commercial strip-outs of any size. We provide a professional, reliable and efficient service so you gain the results you are after. All at a good price.

With many years experience ARA have gained the reputation for completing jobs on time with a no fuss approach. ARA is fully insured for public liability and works compensation. All staff are trained, hold a current Safety Inductions Card and follow all Safe Works Method Statements for each project.

Asbestos Removals Australia offers the following services to all clients.

Commercial Deconstruction

– All types of flooring
– All types of wall removal
– Fixtures and fittings removed
– Ceiling and Grid removal
– Redundant power and date
– Air conditioning removal
– Duct removal

Residential Deconstruction

– Furniture removal
– Work stations & partitioning
– All flooring
– Concrete grinding
– Kitchen strip outs
– Bathroom strip out
– Redundant power and data
– Air conditioning
– Gyprock and Horse hair plaster
– Insulation
– Shed
– Pergolas
– Carport / Garage


Asbestos Removals Australia understands the pressures that come from taking on a renovation project. We aim to make this process as easy and stress free as possible for all clients by offering a list of contractors with many years experience in the building industry. To help put your mind at ease we can organise an onsite consultation with any number of trades before work commences on your project. These cover:

– Builders
– Electricians
– Plumbers & Gas
– Flooring Specialists
– Roofers
– Excavation

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Our Services

These are our key service areas

Bonded Asbestos Removals

Friable Asbestos Removals

Additional Services

Bonded Asbestos Removals

What is Bonded Asbestos?

Asbestos Removal Services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Asbestos is found in most older houses across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and can be incredibly dangerous if disturbed or broken. If you have discovered asbestos anywhere in your home, don’t panic, contact Asbestos Removals Australia and we’ll handle the concern with care and caution.

Bonded asbestos is known as Class B asbestos, and is less immediately dangerous than Class A. It is part of a fibre-cement product, and is in bonded sheets that mean it’s deeply embedded in a hardened environment.
Workplace Health and Safety Regulation requires than an independent person must undertake a clearance inspection and certificate before any Class B removals.

Friable Asbestos Removals

What is Friable Asbestos?

Friable ACM refers to a material that has more than one percent asbestos, by weight or area. Depending on the material, in bulk or as a sheet, it can be reduced to powder fairly easily.
• Soffits Fascia's and Gables

Additional Services

Deconstruction / Reconstruction

Deconstruction / Reconstruction
We understand the pressure of taking on any renovation project. By offering a list of contractors and services, we make clients’ lives easier and stress free. We also offer onsite consultation with a number of trades, before work on your project begins.
Consultation covers:

- Builders
-Deconstruction & Reconstruction Services
- Plumbers & Gas
- Excavation
- Electricians
- Flooring Specialists
- Roofers
-Asbestos Sampling and Testing

For asbestos removal and disposal services that are well worth the cost, talk to our expert, James Moore today 0438 185 210 and enjoy peace of mind.

Talk to our expert, James Moore today 0438 185 210